Platinum Compact 24/24 28/28 Gas inverter

The family of condensing boilers BaxiRoca Platinum is extended with this new range of mixed instantaneous models with 24 kW and 48 kW. Its features are a new compact design, Gas Inverter technology that minimizes gas consumption, higher modulation ratio of 1:7 and a suited price for everyone.

Novanox 24/24 28/28

By its performance and reliability, the boiler Novanox is a leader in the market for low NOx. A few months ago all versions feature a new micro-accumulation system, the user can select if you want to reduce the supply time of ACS. This new enhancement does not increase its price.

Gavina GTI Condens

The new GTI model finish the range of diesel Gavina Condens condensation and provides an enclosed system of 24kW of power and instantaneous production of ACS within a very compact and quiet heating pump and hot water. This model achieves the highest oil performance betting on energy conservation and environment.

There are several plans in Spain Renovation grants for the installation of this type of boilers.

Platinum BC Inverter 8kW Heat pump

The newly released Platinum BC known for its high performance, cost savings in addition to the modulation inverter technology that allows consumption adapted to the real housing needs. The new model features a single phase for systems with fan coils and radiant floor. Its power extends the range of 8 kW of power available to provide different powers according to need.

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